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Operation: Procrastination

Yeah. So? ┐(-.ー)┌

Happy Birthday Ichi! :D
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY tantei_shinichi!
Here, have a Prussia. XD

It was meant to be a heartwarming picture but due to my latent blood-thirst that makes its appearance in all my pictures it turned into a hmmm-this-looks-like-a-suitable-toy-for-my-cat instead.

Artblock but Oooooooh Nudes <3
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All that drawing is finally taking a toll on me (I totally knew it was going to happen, in fact I was anticipating it, there was bound to be a wall ahead and I still hit it at full speed).

So in an attempt to seduce myself out of my funk I decided to draw something sexy. O_O

And there is one thing that is horribly wrong and I shouldn't have added it but I did and now *life of regrets* I'm going to hope no one notices it.

The Parent Crisis
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A picture of Sephiroth with his baby; Viri from whm_koorii and mancha_sama's fanfic Counter Crisis. OMG, Viri is just such a precious little thing. asjksnkajpijw The way he follows Sephiroth around is just inspirational to every stalker out there (lesson learned: never fear  initial utter rejection).

Originally I was going to draw him a lil grumpy and all but when your chick is the only poultry on the block (being the world and history) to learn how to use materia and you're being a proud mamma and all, you'd have a tiny pleased quirk on your lips as well, I'd imagine at least.

Just realised I hadn't actually drawn any that many pictures of Sephiroth and set myself on the task. In reality I just wanted to do a simple picture where I didn't have to worry about the poses and background but then I was given despair by Sephiroth who possesses such a perfect balance of beauty on his facial features. "OTL How does one capture such perfection??? Originally, it was just meant to a practice sketch of Sephiroth but I've become addicted to drawing Counter Crisis fan art and couldn't stop myself from drawing Viri in the empty space above his shoulder. I hope Viri turned out something like what you guys had imagined. Although I can somewhat handle birds, animals have never been my strong suit. XD

And am I ever going to properly finish off a picture? No, because I'm a lazy ***.

FanArt for Counter Crisis (2) : Fight Scene
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Dedicated to whm_koorii and mancha_sama for working so hard on their NaNoWriMo. CONGRATULATIONS FOR WINNING!!! YOU GUYS WERE WONDERFUL!!! :D

A scene from their fanfic Counter Crisis Chapter 11:

<<[Spoiler/Scene (click to open)]Zack could tell something was wrong just a second after Cloud's sword met his. The balance was off, and Zack had to adjust for it as he moved to counter. He wasn't actually surprised when the sword in his hand snapped with a harsh metallic sound. Cloud's blade snaked away before it could catch him, even as Zack threw himself to one side to avoid the shrapnel.

As Zack came to a stop, crouched in the dust, Cloud turned and leveled the tip of his blade at him. Zack grinned up at him, broken longsword hilt in one hand. Looked like he might have just lost, but he wasn't going to call it quits until he absolutely had to. Angeal and his parents had always said he was too boneheaded for his own good.

He was just thinking about making a run for the Buster Sword when Luxiere's voice rang out over the field. "Zack! Incoming!"

Another longsword twanged down about five feet away, point deep in the ground. Without hesitating, Zack darted for it. He could hear Cloud's running steps as he chased after him. Zack pushed off, jumping for it. He grabbed the sword's hilt as he passed over it, flipped himself over, and brought the blade up just in time to meet the downswing of Cloud's attack. He could hear a few of the SOLDIERs cheering the move.

"Not over yet, buddy!"

The way they write the fight scenes (and every other scene for that matter) is so vivid that I practically didn't even have to try to imagine it. Everything was already there. (I wonder if this disuse of imagination is healthy for me...but it is certainly a testament to their writing ability.)

In any case, I wanted to draw an action scene that had reasonably good body proportions and somewhat of a background for once high standards what are they,  but did not take in account my lack of skills, so ended up doing a whole bunch of initial sketches trying to get a feel for composition. I wanted Zack and Cloud to look like they were actually moving but now that I look at it--Ono...I don't think I quite got there.


Lessons learnt:

  1. Never leave the background for last (DO IT FIRST YOU MORON) unless you want a seriously out of balance picture with questionable perspective and confusing colour scheme. don't ask me to explain, i don't know what's going on there

  2. Start exploring SAI already, you've been using it for how long and you just discovered the INK PEN tool and MARKER tool? And you didn't even know about the line art settings? WTH. What the actual heck.

  3. Don't forget halfway through that you're drawing guys and they actually have some bulk down there. Zack, Cloud, apologies, I seem to have emasculated you guys. Forgive me? ;__;

  4. Practice more. None of these are new lessons, I'm starting to question my intelligence.

One fan art after another in the holidays (aka. I'm not actually doing this as a form of procrastination)! I'm on ROLL!! XD *notices how little I use the rl tag* *goes to foreveralone corner* I-I'm happy with my anime, fanfiction and non-life, ok? orz

And I need to stick to one signature damnit. (the problem with having inconsistent usernames) DX

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Just been reading through whm_koorii and mancha_sama's FFVII fanfiction Counter Crisis for the last few days and THERE ARE JUST SO MANY AWESOME SCENES IN THERE AND THE WAY THEY WRITE THE CHARACTERS ARE BOTH CANON AND CUTE AND BADASS AND FRAGILE AND STRONG AND ASDFLJLJOGS 8D GO READ SERIOUSLY. And when I read/see something awesome I have to fanart it. And congratulations for having a succesful surgery Koorii! :) XD So here you go~

This was supposed to be a scene in the chapter 10 (Crisis of Composure), where after a brief bout of EMO everyone gets together for a sweet group hug <3. It's supposed to be in the setting of Aerith's church...but I took liberties....||OTL Kind of chickened out of doing the background because nothing would work damnit. I DIDN'T THINK THAT FAR AHEAD. GROUP COMPOSITIONS WHY Y U HATE ME SO MUCH? ;n;

Cloud's face in this picture was meant to be one of those surprised expressions of having one's personal space suddenly invaded in a pleasant sort of way. But in this picture it just turned out as if he just saw a ghost. O_______O
I also have this habit of mimicking the expression of whatever I'm drawing, so when the person's eyes are closed I'd start squinting mine, when the character's face is scrunched up in anger, so would mine, and with this expression I had a serious case of eyedrops addiction by the completion of Cloud's face. (OuO)

My Dad came in towards the finish of the drawing went "Why's that guy hugging two girls?"

Processes and other versionsCollapse )

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 Gah, it's been so long. I've almost forgotten my username and I did forget my password. (the woes of not having a consistent username&password, life of regrets)

Because all my essays and assignments are due next week I decided to spend yesterday fanarting (my priorities are so straight).

So here's Armin from Shingeki no Kyojin. :D

Armin Salute

This was supposed to be a quick warm-up sketch but I underestimated how long I've been away from the tablet and pretty much forgot how to use SAI. ||OTL So what was originally a 2 hour drawing turning into too-damn-long-and-depressing-to-calculate.


Dear Santa.
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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last month I donated bone marrow to sleii in a life-saving procedure (300 points). Last Tuesday I bought porn for splishims (10 points). Last Monday I gave leizelann a wet willie, then I took it back (-5 points). In August I put gum in tsuanyue 's hair (-12 points). In March I had a shoot-out with rival gang lords on the 5 near LA (-76 points).

Overall, I've been nice (217 points). For Christmas I deserve a red Radio-Flyer wagon!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

So...overall I've actually been quite naughty? XD (My only real good deed was saving my spouse's life. <3) BUT I WANT THAT RED RADIO-FLYER WAGON ANYWAY!

Diptych: Fedoras & Top-hats
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Haha, haven't posted in a while. :D
This idea of Shinichi in a fedora has been with me for a long, loooooooooooooooong time.

I was gonna finish it more but lost inspiration, so I figured that if I put it off any longer this diptych was never gonna see the light of day. And after a while I kinda got attached to the sketchy outlines (or so I tell myself). XD

Catwoman Speedpainting
Not that satisfied with the picture but oh well, I just can't seem to draw when the BSR Screen Recorder is on. D: Maybe I'll get comfortable with drawing while it's on after a while.

Catwoman PictureCollapse )

I am nearing my Flickr limit of 200 pictures. :\

Flying Near Death.
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I really can't be bothered to continue this challenge. Feels neither challenging nor fun, and I don't really feel motivated to draw any more DC/MK fan arts. So yeah, possibly the last entry for a while.

This time presenting another fan art and a one shot.

KID! I'm flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying!Collapse )

Drabble: Near Death

"Damn, why did you jump in?" Conan coughed, a gurgling sound mingling with every word.

"To save your ungrateful ass." Kaito coughed back.

"Well, so much for that," Conan grinned grimly, his teeth stained with blood. If Kaito had the strength he would have winced at the sight, it was downright morbid looking, his sensibilities were highly offended. "You're not fat enough to be a human shield."

"Well, I'm sorry I'm no couch potato." Was the thief's sardonic reply before shutting up.

"Damn it! I am not going to die as a virgin," Conan grounded out determinedly.

Amused, Kaito mustered up the strength to look at his bloody counterpart, "Is that what gets you through every life endangering mission?"

"It's the trick for all guys to get out of sure death moments."

Le Fin.


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